Striking with his art, BGN – which is shorted for BlueGuyNow – is one of many artists who draw anthropomorphic characters and give them their own lives!

Located in Espa√Īola, New Mexico, Vince is a middle-aged person with his hidden talent for drawing beautiful pieces for the Furry Community. He, himself has naturally a set of Fursona’s, where some of them are merely playing a side-role in his world.

Vonce. Curtsy of BGN

His main Original Character is Vonce Perriago, and he is an anthropomorphic dragon of species. White all over, with blue spots to make things nicely, Vonce is the most calm of the whole bunch.

Like mentioned earlier, Vonce is, next to being Vince’s main OC, one of the hottest characters of the BGN Family.

Next, a personal favourite of the BGN Family is one of his newer characters – Bruce!

Bruce. Curtsy of BGN

Whilst he doesn’t have a last name (yet), Bruce is rather a handsome goofball Bull with manners, although he doesn’t show that much. This burning piece of beef works at BGNMart – Supermarket with handsome and helpful workers – at the butcher and the transport department.

Bruce loves to do stuff to people – making the others rather uncomfortable or the opposite – and does it with love. What he doesn’t love is a bad joke.

Now, a major familiar person of the BGN Family is none other than Jamie!

Jamie. Curtsy of BGN

With his signature “ha-ha” to finish almost every comment, Jamie (the Oryx) is a character on his own – partying hard, working hard, nailing others…hard. Jamie is such a big character for BGN, he has his own Tumblog!

Jamie always speaks his mind about other things. Mostly about the looks of others, but mostly about himself. Because he love himself~


There are tonnes of the BGN Family, and you can meet them all on this microblog. Who is your favourite BGN character? Comment down below!

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