Welcome back!
A new start, a newer design!
In this post, I’ll tell you what has been changed.

aDeanSF [1525297]

Welcome all.

A new time has dawned upon this blog, and this time I restarted the whole brand as a whole. Changes has occurred, such as a whole new logo, a new design on the blog itself and the rebranding on my Twitter and YouTube page.


Changes on my Tumblr channel and other social (art) media is going to happen during Winter 2015/Spring 2016, and it won’t be much of a big thing – mainly more Vine’s, more art; just the thing that’s really going to change is the logo at the least, so do not fret.


The menu has been updated as well!
The categories are called ‘Caselights’ – Case and Spotlights combined – which shows every post posted in chronological order. Or just click the logo. 🙂
In the subsections of the Caselight-menu, you’ll see different categories: Art, Events, Food, Games, Music and Video’s. Every category is pretty much self-explanatory.

Next in line is the Site-category. This has the following subsections: About, About the Mascot and Contact, also self-explanatory.


The posts can vary for audiences – this means there will be some 18+ things posted on this blog, but for protection for all, these posts are locked with a password that varies per post. A hint on my Twitter will be given by every 18+ post.
Story bits of the WolfDragon-series will be posted here too, specially for readers.


The “2016” indicates the relaunch of my YouTube channel. I have some technical issues with my programs so I can’t launch it at the same time as this blog, but in the meantime, you’ll have to be entertained with this blog! 😀

“I hope you enjoy this blog!” ~Dean Shaw, mascot


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