Today is something special.
I’ve been looking back at where this blogging thing all began, and realised that I’ve made a long path.

Yet it isn’t finished yet, not by a long shot.
SHAW, the brand that I’m taking with today, didn’t existed if I haven’t blogged since December 2009.

Back then, the name, no, establishment was named: “BlazeBurner”. The name was derived from two major things – Blaze, the ability of Blaziken; and “burning”, which was derived from, well, if you hurt your fingers to a flame…

I was only 14 years old and didn’t knew what or where I was starting with. Things changed when I met fantastic people on my school back then. I’ve told the lot of it.
If I think about it, it was the right thing to do, even when it created my downfall later that same month.

I started anew, moved over to WordPress, the name “BlazeBurner” moved with, but it was combined to a simpler acronym – “BBTHQ”, or “BlazeBurnerTopHatHeadQuaters”. Back then it was a brilliant name since I was still a Pokémon craze. I joined Twitter back in early 2010. Did little stuff.

I am now 7 years from where I’ve started and I’ve learned a lot.

It didn’t take long before I met a great person with the name: Z-Dude. He was an great person back then. Still is today, even with the appalling interaction between us. Anyway, he was amazing, a lot of his recordings are still on the blog I’ve spent 3 years with.

Then I rolled into Tumblr, but it went vastly downhill. Now I’ve transferred the ownership to my current account on Tumblr itself.

I have kept my old blogs alive, pure out of heart and nostalgia. It’s something I can look back to, even with the inactivity since 2014.

How SHAW came to be – it all started when I saw the Furry Fandom and it’s amazing traits, art and stories. Back then I wasn’t the person I am today. I needed time to make a shape, and quickly enough I got engulfed by the warming arms of those I keep dear to my heart. I’ve made awesome friends over time, and still am making some.

The brand existed first on Weebly, a competitor for blogging site WordPress. It went through different names, with “The Gray Fur” being it’s last change. It was December 2014 that I’ve made the switch back to WordPress. I’m glad I did. It has more variety in comparison.
While the logo was still in production, the brand itself came to be.

I am now 7 years from where I’ve started and I’ve learned a lot. It takes time to get what you want, even when you’re at square one. I’m glad I’ve done so much. And yet, my story haven’t finished. There’s a lot that I have to discover. That is what we all have to do.


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