Whereas his full name remains unknown, Jao is a self thought artist where emotions syphon through it’s art.

Like his full name is his place of residence also unknown. I, personally, suspect that Jai lives somewhere in the Asian regions. Japan, perhaps?

Every piece drawn by him is like it comes straight out of a animated movie. Not the one that you normally is drawn by Western artists and 3d-animators, no. This one is like the ones from the Eastern anime’s.  It’s that beautiful and yet so satisfying to see one of his pieces, enveloped with tonnes of emotions and drama.

But it’s drawn in such a way that you may think ‘What’s wrong? What happened before this event occurred?’ or when he draws a poster, as if it’s for a movie, which makes you feel all cheered up and build the good kind of hope, making you willing that you want to go to HIS movies (if they existed).

Jao is amazing at his work and he is incredibly humble.

Jao is determined when it comes to his art style and earns everyone’s respect and every follow possible. Reason: he’s underrated, and that’s such a shame.

Click here to see the gallery that is Jao Kuma!



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