Hello guys,

A major update post with information about the inactivity on this site and how it is actually happened.

Update Thumbnail

Okay, so the main reason for the infrequent posting on here is my internship. I did make some posts and rebooted the blog to give it new live during November, but even then I didn’t got time to get it done, or the way how I want to have. But the logo and design of this theme really did a number on visitors. And I am still ever so happy that I did the ‘jump’.

That aside, now the actual update.

Weeks prior to this event – about 3 actually – my laptop’s screen stopped displaying properly.
More in the way of the screen cracked. Uneventfully, it was a Monday, and as a student where my study is laptop-required, I couldn’t participate. I called a repairman to make a appointment later that Friday. Friday came, I took my laptop to the repairs and he concluded that the screen needed to be repaired and I agreed since that was the more like the logic response. He told me that the new screen would be next Tuesday, but nothing came true from that promise.

Weeks after that passed, and I still didn’t got my screen. I was missing crucial information on making stuff college related. Also, I was planning on making a new video for the you guys. Or, the people who DO want to hear my voice.
In addition I was trying to make new posts to fill in the other sections, but I am having a rather hard time. Sorry guys.

I was also thinking on who the next in the Art Caselight should come. I see a lot of great artists lately coming from left and right. It’s kinda ridiculous who I should pick… I already have BGN and Jao Kuma, so that is out of the option.

Whoops, I’m deriving from my train of thought. Thanks for reading.

Reward yourself with this artist’s album, I recommend that you should listen to the last 4 tracks.


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