This post is a little ‘PSA’ from my point, telling what people should and shouldn’t do.

Okay, so cursing from my point may occur.  Just to let you know.

Why are people hating on others because they are different? How dim-minded do you have to be? I mean, really fucking retarded. Today I got struck with a message that sickens me. All I did was commenting on this video with the following:

“1st: LOVE your new intro icon!
2nd: The song – it’s earthy, warm, cozy yet sadness…the bass really supports it! It’s an AMAZING remix, so soothing for my county’s weather (rain, mostly). Keep it up, bud!”

 Give and take, minutes after my comment on the artist, this fucker commented with this.

I was thinking the following:

“Really now? You’re really cute, thinking that you can come here to tell me to go ‘kill yourself’. So naïve, Skeleton Boy, that you can play God for a second and decide who have to go while you’re probably a child with issues of your own. And you should accept that there are other ‘Furries’ that also like Undertale too. Just saying. I’m just stating facts. You shouldn’t be salty, oh wait, you don’t have mass – you’re just a rotting corpse of complaints and lack of creativity. Grows some balls, ffs.”

But over time, making the body of this post, the comment got a comment from the creator of the clip.
When I saw this in my inbox, I jumped to Twitter with the following:

Kamex replied with the following:

He continued:

And I don’t blame him, it’s just fucking annoying. It’s fucking 2016 and the world is changing faster than you can imagine.
Go with the flow, people. Don’t be fucking dim-witted, otherwise you’ll be left behind.

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