As the final installment of the series, this game combines all the best aspects of it’s predecessors and put it together to a humongous game with limitless gameplay outside the main story.

Imagine yourself waking up, not known of what or where you are, and suddenly you are being chased by a trio of sinister Pokémon! Best thing to do is to run away! Luckily you will meet allies and friends along the road to find out what your purpose is on this world.

Oh yeah, you’re a Pokémon now.

All of the existing creatures that can affect the weather, the planet, their surroundings and many other things, Game Freak and Chun Soft‘s Pokémon SUPER Mystery Dungeon screams and oozes out adventure with a decent story.

Full Dex

The game counts all seven-hundred and twenty Pokémon – excluding Volcanion, which wasn’t acknowledged at the time – in one epic adventure. This game is more complete than the avid PokéDex thanks to the ‘Connection Orb’, a orb that shows your bonds with the rescued Pokémon. The game has a amazing battle style, and for me it’s my first 3D Mystery Dungeon game, thanks to friends who said that the Gates to Infinity-game was a flawed game due to the lack of ‘Mon obtainable. The game has it’s usual obstacles, but things are quite different for me.

It’s a Statue’s Nightmare

Like previous installments of the Mystery Dungeon-series, you wonder among other Pokémon and discover their world through your own course of actions and chosen teammates. But, as you progress, the plot comes into play, where in the beginning Legendary Pokémon are being morphed into stone for no apparent reason. The Legendaries are scared for some reason, but also confused, not knowing what or who does such a thing to them. Not even Giratina or Deoxys (the DNA Pokémon from space (in this universe)) has done such a thing.

But go figure why they are scared – who does want to be a statue?! I’m sure I don’t.

0 to 100 (real quick)

The game, as it looks easy to the eye, is quite challenging when it comes to it’s Dungeons. This, however, depends on what the task is at hand and it’s starred rating. Yes, starred rating. The tasked are scaled from 1 star – being the easiest job to do – to 5 stars – difficulty at the max. But the difficulty gets really tough at 3 stars.
Luckily, you have friends to apprehend those said tasks at moderately ease. And is it rewarding? It sure is. Not only experience points can be deserved with, but also Team Points, in which your team can advance in rank. (Like every other game of the Mystery Dungeon-series).


SMD is a amazing game with tonnes of fun references to the past games. It’s highly recommendable when you need a break from the regular main games!




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