What’s a snippet?
A snippet is a piece of a whole. This can vary from material items such as shredded paper to just a few pages out of a book. In this case, I’m giving you a ‘snippet’ of the book I’m working on.


The Librarian stood up from the barstool and reached over to the cabinet’s drawers. “Where is that thing…” she said as her hands searched through the top drawer as a lot of metal clangs were heard, as if there were wrenches all piled up in that same drawer.

“Ah, here it is.” she said and smiled after.

“What do you mean with ‘it’?” replied the Wolf confused.

Valencia looked at Dean and then back at the hold item.

“Dean, come here.” She said with a determined voice. Dean, without hesitation, walked over and looked at Valencia’s hands.


‘Am I dead? Oh god, no!’

Dean quickly grabbed ahold of himself to check if he is still alive. He felt his soft, plush fur coincidently. A sigh was sounded from the Wolf’s muzzle. ‘Okay, I’m still alive. But where am I?’

He started to walk towards the edge of the platform and looked down.

‘Woah,’ he thought. ‘that’s a pretty long dive… Better not fall off it.’

Warm winds were felt onto Dean’s fur, followed by a red flash, as if it was from a camera.


Inside the orb, a battlefield was shown. Lush green fields that goes up a hill as far as the eye could see with some tulips occasionally enhancing the beauty.

‘What a nice field…the sun’s nicely warm too.’ Dean smiled as the warm glow from the sun brushed his head.

The moment got disrupted by shouting from a distance. The Wolf’s ears perked and turned around, hearing a horde of footsteps coming his way at a high pace.

But when he turned, he saw an incoming spear hitting right between his eyes. Dean pinched his eyes shut and braced for the impact and its pain.


Dean’s irises shrunk for a little bit. A bigger drop of sweat was clinging onto his temple as he watched into the flash. Normally shut the Wolf his eyes to shield him from blinding, but this time, he looked straight into the lightning bolt.

‘This…cannot be…!’ he thought as he saw words emerge from the flash.

Thus concluding the snippet!
I hope you guys liked it, and do not be scared to leave feedback behind! All help is needed, so thaaank you a lot~

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