Cute, spontaneous and fun to watch. These are some impressions of what we see from this artist’s work. Always filled with dynamic poses, whether it’s peaceful or very busy, TairuPANDA stood out to me and took the 3rd place of the Art Department.


Tairu is one of the very rare artists who make SFW (Safe For Work) arts for his clients, and it’s a good thing too! This artist makes amazing work, whether it’s for him or his commissioners and post them freely on his Tumblr – TulerARTs – to show it to the world. His cheerfulness reflects in most of his art, not only to the colors he is using, but how the whole piece is composed.



Give Tairu a hug on his Twitter! Or at least say “Hi”!



4 thoughts on “TairuPANDA

  1. wow
    such art
    very colorful
    so much talent
    so much fluff



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