Megalovania, Spinda’s Lament, Lavender Town. Just a couple of songs that the young talent Carlos Eiene, better known as insaneintherainmusic on YouTube, has preformed with the core instrument that could make a difference in all kinds of music – the saxophone.

Only at age 17, he has reached thousands of music enthusiasts with his jazzy rhythms and funky tunes. Carlos has been making music for 4 years straight,  mostly from popular game music.
Most in-game music already have some ‘substance’, but when you’re Carlos, you know you are going to make it way better than the original.

Not only making music by his own, he collaborates with other familiar faces of the talented music industry such as The Consouls and Auden Durant. Next to being a extraordinary talented saxophonist is he also very talented as (electric) pianist and general jazz music.

He is not afraid of going outside his comfort zone by making funk-styled music such as Volcano Backmeat from the Back to Littleroots-album or swing-styled music like Dapperblook from the Life at Grillby’s-album.

Personally, this was a good roll-in to a new genre I had yet to explore, and I am happy that there was something that crossed something I love – Pokémon. Glad to know that Carlos has done this already for 4 years straight!

Check here his YouTube Channel and enjoy his music!

79 thoughts on “Insanely Good Music (In The Rain)

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