It’s too much.

This post may contains mildly usage of strong language and bags of salt.
Also I want to clearly state that I am on nobody’s side when this occurred. This post is solely meant to get something off my chest and that you guys need to understand why I do so in this way of format.

Thank you for your time to read this message.

Good day, PokéTubers.

As earlier stated, I’m neutral and thus I have no chosen side when this occurred. All I know is that there is a huge amount of rage and frustration has been thrown out on the net, visible for all your fans and/or followers, and that bickering will get you nowhere.

Now, I’m just one of many followers that follow you for the same type of content; mainly Pokémon, am I right? What my point is: whenever there’s drama, people are intent to get all frustrated and angry, okay? That’s natural; we all are humans.

I understand that in this time and age, people can’t say shit without getting all tramped on first. Gian, you have felt that at first. Remember the Pokenichi-stream? Yeah, I was just as bummed as you were, and probably many others too that didn’t went all “I am going to your house and kill you”, because those kind of fans are dumb-ass fans. Verlis, seeing one blunder happen to one of your colleagues is one thing, but exploiting your anger in such a way that your fans – me included – should bash on your colleagues? That’s wrong. But, that’s my opinion.
Then, about 2-3 weeks later, probably a month already since the stream, Ms. Hiroka told her audience that she is going to change her way of making content due to her own reasons. You respect that. Don’t go all bashing in, saying that it’s a loss. NOBODY should say that. Sure, freedom of speech is roughly throughout the world a well known thing, but make sure WHAT you say counts. THINK before speaking, or typing in this case, is key.

Making this discussion only over one petty sentence is just immoral and plain fucking stupid. All I want to say is that in the end, you ALL will be losing followers. I don’t care if you don’t mind to loose some just because of this, I am trying to make something clear! ALL of you will loose some in the end, just of this kind of idiocy!

All of you, whenever it’s Verlis, Gian or you, Liam, give the Pokémon Community a bad name. And I think you all can do better than just simply get into a stupid-ass fight, only about someone’s opinion. I thought that his Community exists for a large rate out of opinions, but no. You guys have to get into this dumb fight. Fo’ shame.


All I ask is that you should stop with this kind of stupidness. Thank you for reading.


Dean Shaw.