This Music Caselight goes to a artist that makes music where you can run, relax or just dance to.
Be ware of water puddles, though.

Kamex, known from various awesome tracks such as Ghost Fight Remix and Rain, is a multi-talent in the EDM circuit. With his main source being Pokémon for his awesome tracks, aside from taking outtakes to the other game’s regions, this guy cleverly uses a Blastoise as his mascot to show how ‘cool’ he is.

Where water is…

Kamex’s songs always got that fluidity going on, no matter what song is used. Whenever it be his version of the Cave Friend Area from the Mystery Dungeon-franchise or the hyped-up version of Your Best Nightmare from indie-game Undertale, there is a consistency going on that makes difference from other remixers. Are we looking at a young PokéRemixStudio of this era? Who knows!

…there’s Kamex

Mr. X – as I call him – has this constant question coming by: “What does Kamex stand for?” and the answer to that is VERY simple: “Kamex” is the Japanese naming for Pokémon No.009 Blastoise! And, just like the aquatic mammal he is, so is the remixer in question; Awesome in design and a tank in the community.

No, I’m not saying he wears two water cannons on his back, haha.
I’m just stating that he is a solid in his work and always looks cool making one, despite the style he makes. Give him a listen and you’ll be filling in your playlist with his music for those intensive moments.


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