Earlier this year, before the big renovation on this site, I had a post about a good buddy of mine. I think it’s time to rewrite and make a better post out of it.

Hip, dashing and very awesome in what he does, Indonesian artist Outleaf is a person with different characters and a passion for boxing. It’s better to summarize them up so you can get better acquainted.

mini_boxer_by_outleaf-d9zb0m5Chirros White is the main character of the artist and also it’s mascot. This rhino is loves to trot about and explore the world in every way possible. And he does that in his perfectly chosen outfit. When not exploring, he likes to do some minor boxing in the lightweight category.
Chirros is a overall awesome character thought by Outleaf. Simplistic too.

Moving from the cutest to the most toughest and handsome character Outleaf has ever thought of, Drake Oliver.

this_is_outlaw_drake_by_outleaf-da0xgu8Drake is a quad-winged Eastern Dragon with a passion for being an outlaw and boxer.
Now, you might think: ‘Outlaw AND boxer? That doesn’t sound right!’, but you are wrong – Outleaf draws two versions of him. One being Boxer Drake, wearing nothing but shorts and his boxing gloves, and the picture next to it – which is Outlaw Drake.To be honest, both versions work with this character. It shows the awesome character’s body in general, but also how kick-ass this character can be.

Standing 3rd in line, as seen on this picture, is Gray Corneil. A hybrid mix of the following sea creatures: a shark, a dolphin and a sailfish. Sadly, Outleaf hasn’t given him much love, which renders me to move on to the next character. And boy, he’s pretty fun to watch.

sharkies_by_outleaf-d6q8z31Lagoon the Land Shark (here left) is a bi-pedal, ill-tempered character from Outleaf. He is also the most comical, which he is most known for – he often makes blunders, whether it be in combat or outside the ring.
He never backs down from a fight, even when he fails to win.

Over the course of the year, Outleaf has created a new character named Modo.
This long-legged amphibian is the newest and youngest character from the Outleafers, and with a general theme going on by every character, Modo too is a boxer. Better not be distracted by it’s red eyes, because if you do, you’ll be K.O. on the floor by one of his swift moves.
He does have that million-dollar smile, yo.

In general, Outleaf knows what he is doing and is consistently changing himself to become a better artist than he already was. He’s worth the watch, so give it a look here.


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