So I had this dream the other night and I wanted to tell you guys what’s it all about.

“De Bijenkorf”, Amsterdam, around 2PM.

I was in the shop with a friend of mine on the 2nd floor, which is the Men’s section of the 5-story building. We were just simply looking around, having fun while talking to each other.

I saw something in the distance and ran towards it. I looked back and saw a man running at me. It was not one of those joggers, but more of those bouncers you see at a club. That dude was charging at me, that was for sure. I couldn’t determine what his face looked like since that was hidden as it were a anime cartoon: blacked out, his head a bit dark.

He had this navy blue suit/coat on. Anyway, back to the dream – so, this dude was charging at me, and I know that I should stay clear of his path of rampage. I started to book it and ran across the department. I managed to shake off of the Charging Chuck (as from now on), but I looked around and noticed that my friend gone missing. So I ran once again and managed to pass that friend. The friend also started to run, oddly enough. We kept on passing each other. But when I stop, Chuck comes charging at me once again!

Now, every normal person heads to the exit, whether it being the staircases, the elevators or in situations like these, the emergency exits. I took none of them. None. I ran for the nearest exit, which happens to be a window. And given that the floor I was on, that was quite a scare when I went through it. But once again, this was a mere optical illusion.

As I ran through, I ended up in a wasteland. It was evening/night at that given moment. I kept on running to a certain peak, not far from the building.

I landed on all fours as I scaled that mountainous region. But once I stood upon a surface, the view changed from first person view (just looking through your eyes) to third person view (looking from a angle, to see the antagonist)! And on that surface was a leopard! I was being a leopard when I was there! Now, I couldn’t see clearly since the way this angle was positioned like the moon was big enough to cast a over light (too much light in said camera), and the leopard was a black shadow with white holes for eyes…kinda like Batman, The Brave and The Bold.

I stared…to myself for a good few seconds. It’s pretty weird to have it in dreams. Sure, I have that feeling when I’m awake, but that is a bit normal. I can imagine how people look at me.

It does feel odd in dreams, however. Shortly after, I traveled back into the building, and repeated the thing once again, but at the 2nd “ending”, I got to see a sort of kidnapping…

Now hear me out: I don’t get dreams like this. Is it a warning of sorts? Or am I just too nervous for college?

Tell me: Do you guys also get these dreams? Let me know in the comments below.


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