Without even noticing has Summer passed rather quickly. We all got a breather from school/college/work or whatever between. This post is a mini recap of what happened this Summer:

“Be safe, my child”

Indie game Undertale was released upon the world from a succeeded Patreon goal. It took the world by storm, and still to this day, the game got a good solid fandom built around it, whether it be memes and fanfictions to the lore of the main characters.

The game exists out of you, the player, who fell down a hole that lays beneath Mt. Ebott (correct me if I’m wrong on the spelling) and woke up without memory in a world that it is inhabited by monsters of all kinds. As you traverse through the game, it’s up to YOU to decide the monsters faith’s: you spare and befriend people, you attack and end their lives, or you keep it neutral, and search for a way back to your world.

This game got a high replay value and it is always fun to see the fanfictions/comics of them.
And oh, beware – corny jokes that you’ll love!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

He runs since 1991 through our hearts and keeps doing so: Sonic The Hedgehog is now 25 years old – can you believe that(?!?) – and still knows how to make new impressions and fans over time. Yes, there were horrid games between the bunch – ERM, Sonic Boom and ’06 – but there were amazing games too, and that makes us love The Blue Blur. And to celebrate his birthday, SEGA showed us two new games: Sonic Mania, a retro game that renews the gameplay and looks totally awesome, and the highly anticipated and speculated Project 2017, which looks VERY promising.

Project 2017’s trailer starts out at a location that is very dark and grim. The location also looks a lot like City Escape from the Sonic Adventure 2-game. This, however, is not a continuation on the Adventure series nor the excellent Sonic Generation game.
Sonic, standing heroically, sees the world being destroyed by trio of machines, similar to the Death Egg from Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Being the bravehearted and bold Hedgehog he is, he swiftly ran through the oncoming rubble that was launched from one of the machine’s laser. He sadly didn’t manage to dodge them all, as one big oncoming piece looked like it was going to hit Sonic. But he got help from somewhere…unexpected – from himself! Yes: Classic Sonic returns once again! My Twitter made a sisser but if you went searching on the topic “Sonic25thAnniversary”, you need a lifeboat, as the capacity that Twitter received was beyond their capable beaks and claws.

They finished the trailer off with both Sonics running through the town. Well, boosting.

Tropical 20

Man oh man, do I feel old!
Twenty years has this franchise been on this Earth and I have grown up with the craze! This year, GAME FREAK’s Pokémon celebrates 20 years of catching, trading, battling and learning and foremost evolving with us.
The franchise celebrates with us by handing out every month a Legendary Pokémon since February this year. Simultaneously, they hand out limited editions of the Trading Card Game and put up a new slogan: “Train On”.

Also to accommodate their 20th birthday, GF releases this November a new set of games, and by deduction of that clip you saw, it’s none other than Pokémon Sun and Moon! This new game sets the 8th generation of the franchise and in the new region Alola, which is based of Hawaii – one of the Pokémon World Championship’s locations. By judging of the graphical improvements to the game since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it has come a lot further than what we are normally used to see.

What are your expectations for the rest of this year? Or 2017? Let me know in the comment section below to discuss about it.


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