Today’s post is made for someone who knows that art and autonomy is a understatement.
Vogelrove from Vogelrove Arts is the one that makes amazing things.

Warning. This post is a R18 post and has links that contains nudity.

Vogelrove is a British artist that can multitask at his fingertips. Where it comes to teach people the future in with his lectures, making amazing commissions or just having time for his loved one(s), Vogel can handles it all. Sure, he’s human too, but an good one at it too.

The artist has 16 Original Characters. Here are a few to name them.

  • Vogel – an anthropomorphic Dragon and the artist’s main character. Vogel always lands in different situations that ends up mostly sexual or just plain funny for the audience of his choice, as seen on this picture.
  • Gwyn (phonetically “Gwin”) – a Stallion horse that, in my honest opinion, hasn’t got it’s fair part of shine yet. This stud has an interesting tattoo on his left shoulder that resembles a sort of a Dragon.
  • Kirk – a White Rabbit that gives Easter a new meaning, at least for adults, that is. This rabbit got a heart-shaped tattoo (but you may think that it’s just a marker) on his neck, probably indicated that he has been kissed there a lot. ❤
  • Yves – just like Vogel is he also a anthropomorphic Dragon, but a god friend of Kirk’s. This Dragon has a tribal marking that is runs from his righter pec to his righter bicep. He also teased us with a smaller variety nearby his girth. Don’t worry, he isn’t FULLY nude. But fans of him do desire to see him in all his glory.

Click here to get to know more of his characters!

Vogel made a certified stamp in the fandom, yet he can branch out to so many places. But knowing him, he has a plan that is unfolding at a moderate pace. And I don’t blame him – his art keeps on improving as time passes by. Heck, he even made this awesome artwork of my Dragon-sona! He is definitely worth the watch.



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