Ever since the release of the well-known indie game Undertale, the game got some out-of-this-world covers. And I mean in terms of music.

Artists like insaneintherainmusic, Kamex and DJ Jo make awesome covers, but duo Ace Waters and Richard EB made an album that differs from the status quo; an album that embraces both the rock/metal and the 8-bit music so well, that they can capture any moment or make new moments with them, as if the head protagonist were themselves instead of the lonely girl.

Hype Train, Magnified

Counting in at 32 tracks, – if downloaded via Bandcamp.com – Metallic Rocker Richard EB the first half of the album DETERMINATION, with headbangers and power tracks from the most intense battles of the game and the most memorable too.

So get ready for tracks like Another Medium, Metal Crusher and Death by Glamour being extra hyped or having an extra flavor of intensity to it!

Whereas you have the intense and fierce moments that is shared by guitars, drums and kazoos, Ace Waters knows how to bring it down a notch with his flow for retro-styled music.

Tunes like hOi!, Snowden and Reflection captures the moment and makes it rightfully hit you in the feelings. The way how Ace made these tracks are like the characters of Undertale tells you an intriguing yet tragic part of their story, with exception of hOi!, of course.

Personally, my fave track is Esoteric, or True Lab as it’s officially called, it has that familiar feel, yet it is completely new. Other tracks I adore is Run of The Show ft. FamilyJules7x, or Death by Glamour. All by all, I like them all in total. But what really jumps out is Catharsis, or Hopes and Dreams – the moment where you fight the true end boss of Undertale.

I highly recommend you guys to download this album if you are into either one of the two sides of the album.

Have a preview!


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