Good day, dear readers!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written something for on my blog since…well..September 4th. I got busy, and I will be till July next year. Let me explain why…

…I’m doing a study in Audiovisual Production and this is my final year. Things are getting very heavy ever since that last post. I got into an internship and that took most of the time, in terms of blogging stuff here. I do want to keep you guys updated with the major Pokémon news that has been happened this and previous month (it’s a big deal going on here) and other things that are very fun to share.

Since this is the final year, my study has become even more intense, though the months where I am having this internship goes by as it is nothing (it’s ridiculous, really!), but I am working hard to make something good for the company where they as I both get some beneficial things out of it. This is ongoing till the end of January 2017, and from that point on I’m back into my college. Then the real business starts; I don’t know what your study is, but the final half is really intense (of what is told to me). I will need all the focus I can get my hands on to make the final half a success. I have faith that I can make it.

On a side note, I am saving for a custom-made PC. I’ve calculated to reach the target at March next year, but if I don’t make it, I’m sure I’ll make the target as the college year ends. Now, why I am telling you this – you might be thinking “Who the f*** cares, Dean” – is because with this PC I am finally able to create a proper animated YouTube clip for the blog’s channel. Believe me, the laptop I’m using takes too much time if I want to render out a video at 1080p50. I also have this awesome new style that I’ve developed for the blog’s channel.
Don’t worry – the logo remains the same, but what I was intending to was that the logo will be more popular, that it’ll pop out more nicely.

This animation is an experiment/example:


Keeping on topic of the Shaw YouTube Channel, I have posted on Twitter quite a while back, asking if the people – you guys – have some questions about me, so I can respond in a way of making it a Q&A video.
Well, after a long thought, I have postponed this idea until I got that PC. I hope things will be quicker to make after that goal has been reached.

I also want to tell you that Shaw has a Discord Server now! Yes, Shaw is on Discord now! It’s fairly new, although the server exists for at least 3 months now. The server – “Furlonia” is the name – has a music channel, a video channel, a art channel, but above all: a gaming channel. Some of the users there has Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS (or WiiU), so if you want to come on by, feel free to click here to join!

My book, WolfDragon, is postponed till Summer 2020. In this term, between 2017 and 2020 I got enough time to fully focus on the book also alongside with the blog and it’s YouTube Channel. It’ll be a bit hectic, but I think that I got more time on my hands to get this done.

As for other news, I used to own a Pokéblog called “BBTHQ”. Long story, good friends of the past. I’ve made my decision to shift ownership to the current account I’m using so it can live onwards from that point on. This’ll be a bit complicated – you guys won’t notice that, but I wanted to say this nonetheless.

At the end of this week, I’ll make the posts that are marked 18+ password-free. This, however, doesn’t change the tag “NSFW”. So read/watch the posts within the comforts of your own home (or anywhere you think it’s safe, it’s your own risk).

All in all, I want to tell the people that stuck around here that you guys are awesome and a big and whole-heartedly “THANK YOU!” from the bottom of my heart. Till the next update!


  • I’ve not neglected the blog at all, please be patient;
  • I’m saving for a proper PC so the channel can be properly launched;
  • Shaw is now on Discord, feel free to join! It’s tonnes of fun!
  • WolfDragon (my book) has been delayed to Summer 2020.
  • I’m shifting ownership from BBTHQ to the current account I’m using here on WordPress.
  • 18+ posts are not longer password protected, remains the NSFW tag.

Have a musical piece:


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