Seriously, I got to know. I know I am not being consistent as other bloggers, but I want to know what I am doing exactly wrong so I can improve on it.

I am doing my utmost best and give it a very good thought about what I want to write, yet you guys are not interested in what I have to say. No, I am not calling it quits. I am just upset/irritated that there is little to no form of interaction on either the comment section or the blog in whole.

The only people who even dare to comment on here are friggin’ SEO people. I, for one, am NOT interested in what those scammers have to offer because all they want is money. Nothing can be done as a friendly gesture, while I am trying my best as friendly as I can be! Because karma, you know? That is, if you believe in it.
But I am trying to write stuff for you guys and you don’t even bat a single eye! Not even a glance at what it may be! And I bet if I have that channel on YouTube up and running, you still won’t even bother to have a look-see.

Nor if I do this news anchor style or writers style.

It makes me wonder if the work I am putting in is being appreciated at all!

Sure are there 22 WordPress Subscribers where some of them followed me free willingly, and I know that there is at least 2 people reading the actual damned thing! It annoys me so. Once again, I am doing my utmost best for EVERYTHING I put into my blog.
Yet no response whatsoever. It makes me wonder if the work I am putting in is being appreciated at all!

I have a lot of ideas for this blog, even to expand to new social media’s such as Facebook – I put even posted out a poll on my Twitter and even retweeted on the blog’s Twitter (@ShawPlus) – but one soul has voted (yes, thankfully). However, the reaction is not what I expected. I was hoping for more than 1 vote.

So, my question is this: What have I done wrong? Have I posted something badly? Said something nasty? I would like to have a reaction from the people who DO read.

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