Calming, relaxing and a person with a clear point of view. That’s what this dude (on the left) is.

Joey Bizinger is a well-known, respected YouTuber that knows what he’s talking about. Better known as YouTube-celeb “The Anime Man” – Joey’s more hyped up self, as shown on the featured image – he gives us a different look at his homeland which is The Land of The Rising Sun.

Yes, Japan.

Next to environmental explorations through the forests and other locations of Japan, Joey also has a rather set foot when it comes to opinions. And when he’s on a roll, you don’t want him to stop. He knows when to talk about various topics, whether it be sensitive topics like sexuality in his home country or anywhere in the world, to various topics in the YouTube Community, such as the video below:

Now, you know the hyped personality of him, but on this channel that shares his name, Joey is mostly open and personal. He didn’t grew up like a normal kid – he moved from Japan to Australia and back, thus ending leaning two languages in his youth. Not that it was all troublesome; Personally, I would love to talk an incredible difficult language like that.
Joey does also like to talk about his issues like getting white hair (see video below) or humanity in general.

All in all, if you are more interested in this amazing guy, I suggest you should go follow his Twitter and subscribe to his awesome channel. I also suggest you should go subscribe to his alt-channel, The Anime Man.

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