So I got me a copy of the European version of Pokémon Sun, and here are my thoughts about it.

Please note that these things are my opinion and that there are things that I like may be the things you don’t like.
Again: my opinion. Not influenced by you guys.

We’re going on a trip…

After 6 generations of mainlands filled with valleys, deserts, snowy peaks, rainforests and more, this generation kicks it up a notch but in a way that it isn’t a annoyance; the Alola region brings back some old concepts and makes them refreshingly new, and that is a majorly well done with the new environment the adventure takes in.

Both Pokémon Sun and it’s counterpart, Moon, is set there with all the beaut that is based from Americans Hawaii-islands. Whereas Moon takes place 12 hours later than the actual time, I chose for keeping myself in daylight and chose Sun. Also, I really like the Sun Legendary – Solgaleo – but saw in the end also how awesome Lunaala looked.
In competitive terms, Lunaala is stronger than Solgaleo, which tells a lot, but by looks, I rather have a Solgaleo than a Pyroar (even when they are equally awesome).

…with your favorite rocketship, er, Legendary…

The storyline has got something special where I couldn’t stop playing the game. Normally, you play the game, do a bit of the story, and you take a 5-10 minute rest or play the following day. This game sucks you into the story as soon you are done selecting the player of choice, complete with tints of color going from white to ebony-skinned. Now, for the people that reads this and somehow managed to dodge any spoilers, you are in safe place.

No spoilers here.

…zooming through the skies, Alolan Einsteins!

While I am going to miss the HM Slaves, Bidoof-family not included, having an extra spot for a +1 in your team is a bliss – having the ability to strengthen the team even more than before is just simply refreshing. Game Freak knows how to keep his audience happy. Even when they are demanding a Gen 4 remake in either this or the next generation. Personally, it isn’t a bad idea but just let people enjoy the games before the year passes already.

Game Freak gave us a lot of things to do, and you are the boss of it: Whether you going to catch them all or do another side quest where an NPC asks you to catch a specific monster to add to your Dex, it’s all there and there’s lots of them.
I, personally, like the PokéPelago feature, where your Boxed Pokémon are taking a nice vacation on Isle Abeens – a bean-shaped island, in case if you can’t decipher the name – and other islands of the archipelago.

Is this a game worth the money?
Yes, yes it is. Tonnes of new Pokémon, familiar ones too (where one being a new meme), a thick plot and amazing sights of the Alolan islands. Game Freak really outdone itself. (Also, the Alolan Dex is a bit on the eerie side, but you’ll find out…eventually.)

Go buy the game, enjoy the warmth of the sun and the mysteriousness of the moon, and catch a lot of Pokémon. You’ll love it.

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