Dean here and this little ol’ update is about the fact that this blog exists now on Facebook!
Nice, isn’t it?  Also in this update: more info about the new social extension, more PC talk and some issues I’m dealing with.

Shaw on Facebook, and now what?

Now that this blog is on Facebook (see the button on the upper menu), I’m going to say this: Future and past posts will be posted there too, aside from posting it on Twitter, Tumblr and other social media.

As you may know, the page is fairly new and kinda needs that boost in ‘spreading the word’, but next to that, I am planning to post also some YouTube content there once I got that PC done.

Speaking of which, the PC…

I bought me a monitor, which makes the goal a bit closer. Although I do admit that saving for something critical isn’t going that smoothly as planned, but hey – that’s how life hands you them lemons! (And what do you do with them? Make lemonade of course!)

The goal is around the €1.600, and I am nowhere near the halfway point. But I’m sure things will turn around next year. This thus means that the date that I am able to get that PC done is next March, which is fine by me. The current gear I’m using can hold out for a little longer.

But this also means…

This also means that the YouTube Channel won’t see the daylight until next Summer, which is actually a bummer. However, this is a nice segway to the following topic(s) – I’m stuck with this concept I have in my head and it is bugging the ever living shizz out of me. This is only due to the fact that I have no rightful equipped gear to work with; stuff that can boost this blog by a landslide.
As mentioned in this post, I want to go HD, 60FPS (or 50 if 60 is too much), but I cannot do so until aforementioned issue.

“There’s none, I’d tell ya.” ~ Me

In addition, to get that book up back running again, I am trying to add tidbits to a prequel to the main story. But even that isn’t going so well, and that’s a bit of a bummer. Writing for the blog does work, but not on a level as I want to. Advice given to me is to focus on one thing, being the blog and such.

Nor the people from the Discord Server, Telegram Group or even Twitter bother to look up and share – and self promoting is in my experiences considered a sin, things like this should happen naturally, but to what extent of luck? There is none, I’d tell ya.

I’ve been in this blogging business since mid-2000’s, but little to no people wanted to interact let alone say anything about me. Granted, I was way younger than I am today, but with years comes experience and acknowledgement of others? Or am I mistaken?

It’s annoying to read all this, and I am sorry for that.

To soften your eyes from all this reading, I recommend you guys to see this video from GameAttack. They are awesome and, well, they were once part of the ScrewAttack-family.


  • Shaw is now on Facebook – do share and like the page so you can be up to date on the go;
  • PC savings gone downhill, but will make it’s comeback eventually;
  • Struggling with trying to write something either for the blog or the book;
  • The same-old irritation about the lacking visitors on this blog.

In other news:


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