Hey guys,

Before continuing to the real part of the post, I hope you all had a nice Christmas and a safe and sound New Year’s Eve and that 2017 will be a better and more smarter year than the last. Best wishes to all.

Now, for the people who want to read something new, I am afraid that I have to let you down. This is another post about my past. And those who do not care…Well, most of you don’t care anyways.

So, let’s start here.

A couple of years ago, I’ve met this friend online, let’s call him “Jay” for simplicity’s sake. Jay and I have met each other during a stream, during that stream we’ve switched out details to keep on talking to each other.

Things went well and we’ve gradually became best buddies over time. I created a form of caring towards this person, as besties are supposed to be. Now, Jay wanted to be an artist. And I was supportive in his decision, since he has majorly talent for it (and still does).

Again, all was dandy, all was peachy king. A year or 3 passed and things gotten a bit wonky at Jay’s place. His father deceased. He was now the man in house, despite living with his mom. As a normal person, you say “my condolences” and give the person his or her space to let him or her grieve over the loss.

I, naturally did too, and because I could not get there physically, I typed out “hug” to show my compassion/sympathy. He thanked me for being his friend in the end. I was happy to be his friend. I mean, he and I have been friends for a long time, it’s only natural to be happy with him.

Life, as usual, did go on, and both he and I have gotten busy. We started to talk a little less, but we kept talking. Until one day, where was mad at me.

I could not phantom what or why he was mad at me, but he was. Jay was absolutely livid. He did not want to talk to me anymore and that he just outright hate me for whatever I have done to him.

Then he stopped talking to me, blocked me on every channel we have talked to (that being Skype/Twitter/Telegram/Discord) and everything went silent.
He moved on. I was left in the dark about what I may have done which has led up to that moment. It’s a thought that keeps hunting my mind ever since.

I do feel bad, I do feel sorry. I just want explanation why he ever did this. This talented guy just left…Not only me, but the Fandom in whole.

Yes, I am proud that I was his friend and that his art is exceedingly growing. But I just want to know why he created such a dislike to me.

I have handed out a small email to him, he replied “Who’s this” where I replied with “a old friend from The Netherlands”. He did not replied ever since. Jay’s clearly still mad at me.

My question is this: What would you do to make your old friend talk again?

In other news:

  • PokéTuber and musician A Cloud Named Klaus has resigned from YouTube due to stress. This is saddening since his work is noticeably appreciated. He resumes making music on his SoundCloud.
  • I have been registered on WordPress for over two years. Even if this is marked as a ‘milestone’, I don’t feel that cheery to celebrate at all.
  • Vine is shutting down quickly. They keep the site alive, but you can’t upload new things. The infamous app will integrate into the Twitter app over time.
  • January is Update Month. Pokémon Bank gets it’s update, Android users getting 7.0 and Nintendo reveals new info about the Switch on the 12th.

12 thoughts on “No Context

  1. Last time I checked,I recall he never explained ANYTHING to you…and when did he apologized? Look,I don’t want to sound harsh or rude—I don’t know anything about what did you two had—but…if he really is going to turn his back to you like that and he treats you like that like everything you ever had with him meant nothing then he wasn’t really your friend and doesn’t deserve you. You should go for your real friends,those that won’t abandon you and value you just like you value them.

    (And I’m sorry about the late response)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You want some resolution? I’m honestly not very good at this stuff but…hmm,did you had friends in common? Maybe you could talk to him through them so you could be straightfoward and tell him that it’s not right to simply turn his back to a friend out of nowhere without a proper explanation–just don’t say it in a aggressive way,that you just want an answer


    1. I don’t drag in others with this ‘drama’, even when this method is useful.
      I was thought to solve it on my own unless I was definitely unable to do it by myself.

      I have one friend that both him and I had in common, but that was about it.


      1. I told you I’m not very good at this stuff…but either way you should tell him that he can’t just simply turn his back to you like that! If you were such good friends,then he owes you at least an explanation!


      2. I wish I could help you more than that,like with a hug or something–it sure helps to get some weight off your shoulders…For a second I thought I just gave another shot on my own feet,as always…


      1. O-oh,right…heh,sorry 😌 I hope you can get something out of him and…I know I’m not much and can’t do much either,but I’m all ears if you need to talk or get something off your chest


      2. So, this just in from Jay: “Hey, I know that i threw my friend off, but i did explained everything that he needeed to know was heard and overwith. So I did gave him a apology, but with all my heart… i hate him xD”

        So, yeah…



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