Boy-oh-boy, do I have something nice for you guys!
Not only is this guy talented and generous, this dude knows how to make smiles for many crowds worldwide. I’m talking none other than…

…Kevin Gemin or Kékéflipnote!


French-Canadian artist and animator Kevin Gemin, well known from The Wonderful World of Kéké and The Adventures of Pépin the Fox and Boing the Pidgeon, has it’s fame to thank through Nintendo’s app Hatena Flipnote for the company’s DS-line of consoles.


Although his Tumblog only exists for only 3 years,  Kéké 🙂 – both the artist’s fox as seen above and his artist’s name – has started drawing ever since he was a kid.

Kevin: “I always wanted to animate, since I was a kid I often wandered why my drawings couldn’t move like the cartoons, video games or movies I saw on TV, bringing me to this awesome world!”
He added: “I always dreamed about seeing my drawings alive, I thought it was…magical!”

Gemin wanted to animate on a computer program, but at the time wasn’t it possible due to inability to have a tablet. He also explained to the public how he came up with Boing the Pidgeon (and his friends), well, had some ‘inspiration’ to do so: “I did some flip-books with what I found around me (paper, books …) but only with balls bouncing…”
Gemin added that nature has an added feature to getting him to where he is now.

Kevin said that he doesn’t knew that much on animating back then, but in 2013 came the first animation (here is the one from 2016 to compare), after years of practicing fanart on Kirby no less(!).
Kevin: “Soo well, don’t ask me why I put a “BYE BYE” on the first one; I don’t even remember! […] I … still love these animations, they are like my children, they were funny and simple.”

Do you want more on Kevin Gemin? Be sure to follow him on Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr!
He also got an awesome Patreon and DeviantArt, go check it out!
And, of course, all images are his! (So yes, I got permission to use his work for this very post!)




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