What do you do when you got a new item? You review it! This time the Sony’s MDR-XB950 series.

Last year, Sony announced a new wave of headsets and speakers where bass plays an primary role.
They were not joking about their lineup, as I have purchased one of their newest generation of the “Xtra Bass”-series.


This is the XB950AP (which is wired).

If you want a stylish headset that works with an city-like enviroment, this is one of the contestants that you can take out for a ‘spin’. Now, the XB950 has two versions; the XB950AP, which is wired and has a dedicated microphone and the XB950BT, which is NFC and thus wireless.

Both look good in everyday light, but sadly this headset comes with a limitation of one color, namely black. But that’s worth the hassle as it has a nice metallic finish on the outside. Adding their badge to the shell makes it more polished than it already is, and that’s always a pleasant feature to look at.


Next to good looks, the XB950 also rocks in the sound department with their pattened Beat Response Control. This regulates all kinds of basses that your device is putting in, and makes sure that the bass (or a beat) sound as clear as it can be.

And that’s something I have noticed. My predecessor of this headset was the XB450AP, an older model that still looks good today. The bases, compared to the XB450, are more richer and deeper in strength and feel. SONY did step up his game with this.


This is the XB950BT (which is wireless).

The MDR-XB950 is a serious step up if you have been lingering with a headset that looses his bass over time. That issue is surely covered over time and does look good while doing so.
The headset is in European markets starting from the €80,- mark, but if you prefer wireless, his twin-brother is available starting at the €110,- mark.
To the viewers outside Mainland Europe’s market (since UK goes by pounds), the company’s shop retails the XB950 at an estimated $119,-. Be aware that the reseller price of your country may vary.

Personally, I am happy that I have purchased this model after a long discussion between the XB950 and it’s younger sibling, the XB650. I chose this one because I rather have an Over-ear headset than an On-ear headset.


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