Not me, haha.

Joking aside, the people over at Radio Whirlwind have redesigned, adapted and modernized their site all together.

Relaunched March 2nd, the site took simplicity in mind with their radio channel as the main focus.

“Our old site was blocky and needed to be updated.” – Illus, owner Radio Whirlwind

“Radio Whirlwind was rebuilt to bring around a new way to allow for people to listen to our station. Our old site was blocky and needed to be updated. With this new design, we are able to continue building on the site and thus, we can add new features as we build.” said Illus, owner of Radio Whirlwind.

About Radio Whirlwind

Radio Whirlwind began as a continuation of a project that started as a small podcast created on a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fan game. The station was made to work as a hosting platform for the podcast. The podcast ended in Janurary 2017 in order to allow for its hosts to further find new oppertunities elsewhere.
The station itself launched in October of 2014, with ackowledgment directly from Game Freak director, Junichi Masuda.

The team, however, has stated that they are an non-profititable group, and that they are not an official affiliate of Nintendo or the Pokemon Company International.

Want to listen what they’re playing at their moment? Click here to view their site and kick back to a cuture of Pokémon Music. 🙂


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