Travelling is a nice thing, right? Places to go, by using different travelling methods.
One of them being by plane, and it’s a experience to travel to such great heights and distances. It’s nice, honestly, to see a new country from YOUR eyes instead of your television…or stories about said city you love to visit.

Sure, it is nice, and having visitors – or ‘tourists’ if you will – in my city is what it keeps it livid. I do got my issues with it, but it outweighs some other issues. One of them is flying overhead at nighttime.

As of the last 5 years, planes have a more busier flight plan; this resulting in flying over my very own house. Now, I do understand this since there are instructions that is needed to be followed, but why over my house…at night, though? Amsterdam – the city I’m living in – has become more and more busier in the airspace. Helicopters I get – it can be the Air Force or the Air Ambulance, with their respectively own role, one being the flying eye in the sky, and the other for transporting severe problems from one to another helicopters.

But this is not the case with planes. Some of them do need to fly over the city in order to land on the corresponding airstrip. These planes fly at approximately 10 to 12 kilometers above Amsterdam. This way you can see the skyline from above. It’s cool, it’s alright…but WTF are they flying just about 5 kilometers above my apartment? That’s very low, and in my records very dangerous. Both my inmate and I are concerned that ‘the accident’ will happen right where I live, or anywhere nearby. It’s already ludicrous to see them preparing their landing nearby Halfway-Swanbrough, and it worries me incredibly, aside from looking at it majestically. (heh.)

I’m having these dark thoughts…but I don’t focus on that specifically.
All I am saying is that it ain’t right.



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