Pokémon is an very well, very broadly known franchise in the world, whenever you do or don’t have to do something with the franchise.

Though a span of 7 generations and more than 700 of those creatures roaming through the digital world, the community grows with the day, whenever there are veteran or young gamers.

Myself, I joined officially the community back when the company brought LeafGreen and FireRed out in Europe. But over the time I’ve been around the community, I have noticed that the Fan Games are an ongoing trend and a, in a way, poetic “love letter” to the franchise’s main series.

What’s even more recent is the “My Fan Game”-trend.
And even here, on this very blog, can’t I remain myself from jumping onto the bandwagon and tried to give it my own spin.

Starting off with the title: Pokémon N.
Note that the title isn’t a callback to the antagonist “N” from the Black and White-series.

What’s traditional in a Pokémon game is that you, as trainer, start in a town and head to the Lab to obtain your starter, and within every generation is a new starter set. Not in this game, however.
You, as trainer, need to walk to the next town to get to the Lab, just as in the Gen 4 games Diamond, Pearl & Platinum. But the easiest route to access is being blocked off by something you cannot identity. Rest assured, you don’t need the allegedly Sliph Co. Specs to see what is going on there to advance.

Shady Figure Is Edgy Figure

In order to get to the next town, you are being forced to travel via a forest and a city. During your stroll in the forest, you’ll bump into a odd figure that was on his way to get rid of that blockade you saw earlier.

This person noticed that you wanted to go through the – by Bug-type infested – forest in order to travel to the next destination and insults you for that, followed by a suggestion that you should follow him and to stay close so you can see how a battle works in this region.
After the barricade event has occured, and was mandatory obliged to watch along, he asks for your name where you replied by entering your name. After that has happened, the person warns you about an organization that will “deal” with every Trainer to keep going to dominate the world. He then turns and walks away, but before doing so, he says this: “If I was you, I would stay safe and not get a Pokémon. It’s for your own good.”.
But, curiosity gnaws on you like a Meowth does and you still went to the next town and head for the Lab. Now, this region, the Forre Region, has three new starter Pokémon. Though, due to that organization is it not possible to get one nowadays. The Professor asks you which region you originated from – “Tell me boy/lass, where did you said you moved from? Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kalos or Alola?” – and you select one of the known regions. So, for example, if you selected Kanto, you are able to choose out of it’s starters, them being Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle.
Do know that, by selecting one region, you cannot undo the selection nor the Pokémon of choice.

But by doing so, you are able to catch them in the wild, post game.


Now, after your pick, the Prof tells you that are two ways to get to the Championships League: by Trials or by Gym’s. Have you taken the Trial Run, you are forced to take 8 difficult Trials, each clearance gives them you a Trial Badge. Clearing them all results in getting a Trial Stamp on your Trainer Card.
Have you taken the Gym-route, you’ll be tasked to battle 8 roaming Gym Leaders. 2 of them (Gym 7 and 8) roam through the whole region and will act as an NPC until you have your amount of badges to prove. The other 6 are within their respective city/town, some of them are mayor, some of them fulfill another important task.

To track the other two, the defeated Leaders will narrow down where they possibly can be at the given moment, at given time with riddles or obvious clues.

Edgy Figure Is Mister Infiltrant

As you progress the game, you’ll end up bumping against the odd figure from before once more. This time, he is an Admin of the evil organization, but is also infiltrant. (This as callback to the Gold/Silver days and the Advanced Series.) He tells you that he works for the International Police and mentioned something about Looker and how he ended up on the Battle Frontier’s beach without a trace of memory.
Then you – and Mr. Incognito over there too – are both busted by some Grunts. After a few trades of words the Admin challenges you to a battle to prove that he’s loyal to his team. He has four Pokémon on his team, around the level of 50.

Once beaten, you make your way to the Leader of the evil team. Coincidentally, this acts as a final Trial/Gym. The Leader has 5 Pokémon, levels between 43 to 57. Have you defeated him, you either get your Trial Badge or Gym Badge.
Mr. Incognito enters stage again and compliments you for doing him in, followed by the arrest of the evil team leader and dragging him to the local station.

The Final Frontier

The organization has disbanded, yet small groups of the team has nestled at various locations in the Forre Region due to the fact that the news didn’t spread as fast as it should be. (Yay, post game stuff!) Once nearer to the entrance of the Victory Road, it’s made clear that you must undergo 4 trials. This in order to advance and to unlock 4 rooms; each room holds an Elite Four member.

The Elite Four consists out of a Fire-, Ground-, Dragon- and Steel-elitist. If you played your cards right, the 4 Trials you’ve cleared give a small reminder of how to defeat your opposing Elitist. Using the ‘tips’ from the Trials, you have successfully defeated the Elite Four, one by one.
Passing the final Elitist and making up a great set of stairs, you’ll bump into Mr. Incognito, congratulating you how far you’ve made during the Victory Road Trials and the Elite Four. He also compliments with the sudden aid with stopping the evil organisation.

Before he takes off, he questions you a couple of things. And he ends with: “Tell me [player], is the Championship your ultimate goal?” where you only can answer with an “Yes” or “No”. Answered either of them, you make Mr. I. chuckle and walk off. “Good luck.” he’ll say as he walks off screen.
You continue your way up the stairs, and stop at the Champion’s PokéCenter. In there you can get a free Max Revive every Forre Championship.

The Last Leap

Before the final battle starts, you’ll enter a very spacious room, dubbed the “Forre Chamber”. The architecture reminds you somehow of the chamber where the battle between you and Diantha was held – lots of natural daylight shone into the room – but with a twist. In the back of the room, there’s a chair and on each end were two towers. The right tower represents the badges you’ve collected on your journey, while the left tower represents the amount of Trials you’ve taken (the amount of Trials during the journey, the Victory Road Trials does not count).

You take a seat in the Champion’s Chair, like in the Sun and Moon game, and similar to the game in question, a person appears and congratulates you for becoming Champion. But instead of the Professor coming to congratulate you, it’s Mister Incognito.
“Well, well, well… Looks like someone wants to claim my throne. That’s fine, but only against one thing. A battle to prove that you’re worthy of being my successor.”

He reveals who he truly is and…it was me, Dio!

Kidding, it’s not Dio, but it’s really me – the writer of this post – and I will have a team of six with levels that compromises with your team’s average level. My team consists out of 4 randomized Pokémon and 2 stock Pokémon – the stock Pokémon being a Blaziken and a Legendary of your starter’s region.

Here’s the thing – if I have beaten you, I won’t take any money, but I will advice you with “Try again! I want to see you win!”. If you’ve beaten me, you’ll get rewarded with 5.000.000 PokéDollars, a Master Ball and a spot in the Hall of Fame and right when the screen blacks out, a question pops up. “Pick an element.” with the answers: “Fire, Water” or “Grass“.

Once selected, the game will save and the credits will roll.

Phew, that was an intense session of writing!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the trip (if you’ve read it all) and I wonder what path you should pick!

Let me know in the comment section below and until next post!


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