It was the 24th of April 2017, and after a really long time, I went to the cinema’s and watched the movie “Fast and Furious 8”. And holy shit…

…this movie was intense.

I don’t know where to begin! “Well, start at the beginning!” I hear you say, and you’re right.
NOTE that I will try to minimize the amount of spoilers of the movie. But, there will be spoilers.

To start off: The Fate of the Furious (or “Fast 8”, or “FF8”, if you will) starts in the ever so sunny, but tragically analogue Havanna, Cuba. We join Dominique Toretto (played by Vin Diesel), enjoying his vacation with his significant other and staying close to family. Dom’s cousin got into trouble…car trouble when things finally looked for the better.
Due to the fact of these ‘cartels’, his cousin couldn’t pay his part of the bargain and was almost forced to let his car being towed away. Being the macho he can be, Dom stopped the leader of the racing cartel – Fernando’s his name – for his car.
They wound up racing indeed, and of course, when you have that much power on a small country as Cuba, you cheat your way to victory at a certain point.

Skipping a bit later into the movie, the whole gang – minus Brian O’Connor (Paul W. Walker the 4th, may he rest in peace) and Mia Toretto (played by Jordana Brewster, retired due to the death of Paul) – got together because there’s another terrorist out for power…but not your common or Western terrorist, but a cyber terrorist, with an similar name: “Cypher”.

Now, the thing is with cyber terrorists, they either can be an organization, but they can can also be all in their loansome. Cypher works alone, yet she works in a really small group, and that small group KNOWS how to hack into systems. For example: one part in the movie was being held in New York City, USA. The Russian Ambassador – and his personal bodyguard – were on their way to a meeting in their, by elite police guarded, escort. Now, NYC is a city that you can’t traverse easily by foot; You need a car to get from point A to point B.

“No, no, not my Bentley!” ~ Roman, played by Tyrese Gibson

This is the car Roman drove – the Bentley Continental.

This is where Team Cypher comes into play. The woman commanded her team to hack into any and every car that has an zero-day exploit chip – a chip that is part of the car’s internal CPU, normally used for regulating the gas intake/exhaust, electronics, hydraulics (if existent in said car) and safety features. These chips are prominent in cars that can produce their own Wi-Fi signal, or need one to, let’s say, have a wireless key to unlock a car door?
This team disabled them all and let it being controlled like an RC car

This is something very scary, to be honest, since it’s possible nowadays…

Scary thoughts aside, the sequence featured both funny and terrifying moments in a span of 15 minutes.

But here comes the nitty-gritty of being a person who studies Audiovisual work – you pay attention for either detail or consistency. I, for one, paid attention for both. The story was consistent as the editing work from the people behind the scenes. The sound effects were placed rightfully on every action packed moment – most focus was laid upon the cars and it’s engines (and optional extras) – and there were no obnoxious moments where I thought: “That sounded odd…”. Kudos!

My favorite moment of the movie was one that had a lot of intense moments, shortly after the “stretch got locked in by RC cars”-sequence. Dom’s car got struck by 5 grappling irons – two in front, one in back, one on each side of the car – and couldn’t get away no matter what he tried. Though, knowing Dom, he ain’t someone that gives up that easily: he floored it, making his car tires burn rubber like there was no tomorrow. “Pointless”, you may think, but that’s where you wrong: all 5 cars were having issues with their own rear tires and breaks. They all started to give out flames to clearly indicate that they all won’t last long.

One out of the five inevitably gave in and gave Dom the opportunity to make an escape plan by riding into the opposing Bentley. Roman, who was driving the sports car at the given time, yelled out “No, no, not my Bentley!” as Dom’s car came nearer and crashed into the Bentley’s nose. The audience groaned out a mixture of “ough!” and “aww”, and I guarantee you, I did as well. Too bad of the car. But luckily, it was not the Merc AMG of the bunch that got the short end of the stick!

If you have​ come this far, I like to recommend you that you should go and watch the movie in whole, whether you like the staff of the Fast and Furious or the cars that are featured.

8/10 Flames 
(Very Good, but there’s room for improvement!)



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