This post is going to be something different – over the past 3 months, I’ve bought some tracks over on Bandcamp – to some, similar to Soundcloud – and made a list of recommendations.

To begin with, both the title and the featured image is from EDM label Monstercat. Thus resulting the list in a “EDM compliation”, though the tracks aren’t typical ‘oontz oontz oontz’, understood? Right, onward to the list!

  • Everything Black (feat. Mike Taylor) – Unlike Pluto

Lyrics / Buy it here!

Capturing the nightlife in a bustling city like Las Vegas or New York City, this track made by artist Unlike Pluto got me going because it has a nice grooving beat on the verses that smoothly transforms into a sweet and bass-heavy EDM-beat. Personally, I like the lyrics that are being sung by Mike Taylor. It really has this soulful piece that fits into this specific track. And the way how the chorus is building up right before the drop. It does has it’s mellow moments, but with a song like this is it a bit more of a necessity to keep a ‘story’ going.

  • Sweet (When I’m High) (feat. Mister Blonde) – Unlike Pluto

Lyrics / Buy it here!

Though the track’s lyrics boast drug use to prevent depression (somehow?), Sweet is a track where you can preform a choreographic routine, albeit for a videoclip (that this track totally should get, but doesn’t exist sadly). Mr. Blonde’s vocals – yes, that’s a DUDE singing (please correct me when I’m wrong on that note) – really adds that jazzy voice to the already jazzy vibe going on during through the whole track.
Personally, I bought this track just for that very reason – though I have more visual plans and had in mind that I’d be the one behind the camera calling the shots for Sweet‘s videoclip.

  • Andromeda (feat. Matt Van) – Mr. FijiWiji & Exist Strategy

Lyrics / Buy it here!

This. This very track made me want to write this post. It feels really out there – as the track suggests through the use of synths and Matt Van’s voice. Though this is one of two track on the Andromeda EP, both has that same effect of floating between the stars above. Well, at least for people who have those visual (almost cinematic) thoughts.
And I have those moments, which I really enjoy when hearing this track.

  • Tomorrow (feat. Matt Van & Holly Drummond)

Lyrics / Buy it here!

This track is emotionally well done. The track harvests emotions about two individuals feeling like they have been obviously signing to their significant other that they love him/her, but have been left out. Hence why they both are singing: “and by the time that I’m gone, maybe then you’ll notice me”. It’s a nice nudge at the phrase “you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone (forever)”.

These are just a small selection of what I recommend you to listen, if you are interested in EDM, that is~

What’s your favorite genre(s)? Let me know in the comment section below! ūüėÄ

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