Yep, another change has happened to the blog since the last time you’ve checked!

See this as another version of the blog. Summer’s around the corner and I thought that this blog could use another change in looks. It looks a bit more sleeker and colder to the touch, and right on time since this something refreshing for the everlasting hot days that are packed for this year’s Summer!


So, for starters, the theme in use. Shifted from Canard to Intergalactic 2, I thought that this blog will look better in readability and style. Added perks to this theme is that the fonts are more refined and more business-like. This surely won’t effect the house style’s look and feel about this blog. I’m also dedicated to make at least ONE (full length) video ready for the blog.

Second on the list is that the blog also has a Facebook page and a badge on the bottom of the site. Give it a like if you stop by.
Thirdly, the menu has been shifted from the top to the side. Sadly, it’s not a floating button, so it won’t come with as you progress through the post and/of site.

Enjoy your Summer, all!


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