Author’s Note: “Ignatius’ Log” is a mini-series including one of my characters I own. While the blog’s main mascot is on a temporary hiatus, it would be nice to let me introduce you to my mascot’s “alter ego”. Feedback on this kind of posts are gladly appreciated. Also, if you have an question for this character, don’t hesitate to comment down below! 🙂

Ignatius’ Log
Day 337OC by me, art by ©BGN – “Occupations”


A set of weeks passed, so it’s time for another page to my Log. So, today I’d like you all to talk about what I do for work. In general, my occupation is being a Sage.

Before I was ‘assigned’ being a Sage, I was a mere part of a whole; a warrior of Draconia that was in training. I belonged to the “Fire of Draconia”, that is what my emblem on my chest signified for back then. Now it serves a different purpose. A more important purpose.

Now, you might wonder, ask even: “Are there more like you”, and the answer to that is: “No”. There aren’t more like me. There are more warriors of the same clan, yes.
But how I got my occupation is what you are reading this for, not the backstory of Draconia.
I got this occupation through the people who asked me for advice. At first, it started small, but slowly but steadily my minor actions caused to have a huge impact on various people, including mine in the end. I got entitled to be a Sage from the former King of Furlonia. People are happy with what I have done back then.

But the warrior inside me always remained awake. So, as a side job, I was temporary leader for the island’s army. I was there in the battlefield also, and fought along a well-prepped defense.
I can’t say that all of them made it though the Furlonian War. Nor from my brothers or sisters that fought along with.

But that’s another tale for another time. And on that note…

…Till next time, dear readers.


~ Ignatius.


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