Author’s Note: “Ignatius’ Log” is a mini-series including one of my characters I own. While the blog’s main mascot is on a temporary hiatus, it would be nice to let me introduce you to my mascot’s “alter ego”. Feedback on this kind of posts are gladly appreciated. Also, if you have an question for this character, don’t hesitate to comment down below! 🙂

Ignatius’ Log
Day 355OC by me, art by ©BGN – “Furlonian War”


First off, my apologies for not being able to post this in a correct 14-day span. This is 18 days. I am 4 days late, and I am sorry for that.

Secondly, as promised, I shall write about the Furlonian War.

The Furlonian War dates now roughly 600 years. It was a field of conflict between two countries; Furlonia and United Archipelago Krondonia, whereas the first island lies 5 hours flying from here.
Back in the day, before you guys were born, the Archipelago had more islands a lot closer to Furlonia. The remainder of them now is only a bunch of rocks that forms the bays around the island.

The two countries gotten into a disagreement when a peace treaty was disturbed abruptly, where one of the Krondonians stole one of the islands’ incalculable treasures: the Emerald of Life. The emerald didn’t looked a regular green like all emeralds do, but this one was vitreous and when moved, it’s surface changes color as if it was a prism struck by light to form those infamous rainbows.

Though, this act of thievery didn’t happened on broad daylight, but during the night. Turns out that it was also a act of foolishness; the Furlonians declared war upon the Krodonians by stealing important stuff from their archipelago.

The war lasted 10 years, if memory served correctly. I was put in service during the last month. I was the ending of the bloodshed. The ending of their meaningless reason to battle. But I was too late. The Archipelago shrunk by at least a dozen, now creating those bays where people love to visit.

Oh, they should’ve known…and I am not sure if they have read the complete story of the War. There was even a time where the island was about to fall under the regime of the Krondonians due to the lacking fact of warriors left on the island! They were counted lucky that we were sent to your Earth…

But enough ranting…and on that note…

…Till next time, dear readers.


~ Ignatius.


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