Author’s Note: “Ignatius’ Log” is a mini-series including one of my characters I own. While the blog’s main mascot is on a temporary hiatus, it would be nice to let me introduce you to my mascot’s “alter ego”. Feedback on this kind of posts are gladly appreciated. Also, if you have an question for this character, don’t hesitate to comment down below! 🙂

Ignatius’ Log
Day 369OC by me, art by ©BGN – “Stellar Dreams”


My apologies for not being able to post in the designated two weeks time period.
My real-world counterpart had his hands deep into work and couldn’t come about to help me aid in writing these Logs. But you have to give it to him; he works as hard as he can.

Right, the reason why you have come to read.

The other night (or, by the time of reading a couple weeks ago by now) I had a great dream. The memory may be a bit fuzzy, but please bare with me.
What I do know of this dream was that it was a short one, but this dream was ever so livid. It felt if I was really there…

The dream involved me flying through an modern environment, as if it was in a modern city. A lot of buildings were mere ‘shapes’ of skyscrapers, and I haven’t noticed any road below me as I had my head locked onto the horizon while dodging other buildings on my flight path. I noticed that I had all my wings stretched out and was flying at such a high speed I didn’t had time to look around to see what was happening. But I was heading somewhere with a certain feeling, like something big was about to happen and I have to be there to prevent it from happening.

Whatever the cause, I hope I was there in time.

Hero dreams like these are considered a rarity with me. Normally, my dreams are a forewarning of an event that is going to happen the day after I have them; All dreams come with a message, and I wonder what message that specific dream would hold. I hope it’s something important and that I may intervene to change it’s outcome.

All in all, it felt fantastic, and I hope to dream these kinds of dreams once more.

And on that note…

…Till next time, dear readers.




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