Author’s Note: “Ignatius’ Log” is a mini-series including one of my characters I own. While the blog’s main mascot is on a temporary hiatus, it would be nice to let me introduce you to my mascot’s “alter ego”. Feedback on this kind of posts are gladly appreciated. Also, if you have an question for this character, don’t hesitate to comment down below! 🙂

Ignatius’ Log

Day 400 – “Monthly Reviews”


OC by me, art by ©BGN

It’s been a month since I’ve written an entry on my Log. I had been delved under work as of late and it was taking me from my toll as I was trying to attend the next log.

During the month of absence, nothing particularly remarkable has been happening; the office got a couple of new people into the group, they sent me in a team to record a video of an nearby fair on a square, an artist has drawn my Kings and me at a…rather intimate and private moment – which turned out to be a more fun moment than embarrassing – and I gotten even more older.

Yes, this is the post that originally should go up on November 10th – the day after Deaniël’s (and thus mine as well) birthday, but because I want to keep consistent, this is going up today (November 17th).
As it is Nov. 17th, I want to state that I do got a hold of one of the illustrious Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon games. Since my passion for fire is great, I picked UltraSun as my game of choice. Kinda ironic, since the mascot is not Fire at all.

As previously mentioned, I gotten older. 523 to be exact. Yes. 5 centuries and 23 years.
But I still look I haven’t gone past 25. 😉
Anyways, that day was a bit eventful, as was the Saturday when I held my party with friends from Deaniël’s college. Turned out to had a bawl that day.

And on that note…

…Till next time, dear readers.




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