Hey there, Dean here with an small snippet of the book “WolfDragon”, which is still in the works. But I feel obliged to show you what I have made thus far – feel free to comment about a certain part, ask about the characters or me, or about the book in whole. Critiques are always welcome, so if you are up for it, leave a critique behind too!

Now, without further ado, here is my snippet:

The headlights of the truck blinded the Wolf’s eyes. The sound of screeching tires died out to an unusual yet deafening silence. His pupils became nothing but circles before the cold texture of the grill laid contact upon his face. A last exhale was released beforehand.

Thunder roared through the skies and a heavy rainfall fell upon Hospital ‘The Lookout’, an Victorian-styled hospital located on one of the suburbs’ surrounding mountains, with a lookout over the Artemios City from the North and a beautiful mountainous landscape on the South of the building.
Located on the 4th floor, nearby the end of the West wing, shone a light. It was one of the rooms where patients could rest to let their wounds be mended for. In that room was Dean, wrapped in caskets and hooked onto the infusion.

A sigh was heard from inside the room, though it wasn’t from the Wolf that was resting, it was from the person that sat nearby the window. He had a black eyepatch on, multiple scars were marked over his whole body, even on the more private places of his body, which was covered by a loincloth. He wore a mud-brown cloak with a hoodie to cover up his body, though the hoodie covered his head, a blue tip stuck out, just barely visible for the eye. Doctors and nurses alike couldn’t gather their courage to ask the person what happened to either of them, whether it be the Wolf or the person who carried him to the Hospital.

He continued staring outside the lightly clouded window to the city in rain. The door opened as a nurse came through. She looked contented yet worried at the figure. “Sir,” she said, “visiting hours are over. Unless you want to stay here, I can arrange you a bedroom not far from here.”

The person remained silent as a response for a few moments, then the person grunted.
“I would like to remain here.” he replied with a heavy voice.

The nurse hopped out of fear due to the sudden reply from the deep voice, but remained put. Her hat shifted, albeit by a millimeter. She regained her calm by a deep exhale. “Very well, then. I will notify the staff that you will remain here.” she quickly confirmed and closed the door after she exited the room.

The figure got up from his chair, sighing deeply, seeing the wounded Dean in the reflection of the window.

“You were lucky, boy.” he said. “You really happen to be lucky that I was near to catch you.”

The person undid his hoodie and turned around, facing Wolf, remaining silent. The horn became more visible and wasn’t fully white; blue hued lines circled around the horn till a stop on his forehead.

Thus concluding the snippet!
I hope you guys liked it, and do not be scared to leave feedback behind! All help is needed, so thank you a lot in advance!


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