So, I’ve learned a couple of things from this video and I think you all can learn from this too. Therefore I’d like to share it on here.

Why I post this on my blog is due to a fact that I too have learned a lot of different styles of working. In my study – which I have graduated for, go me – I was being taught of different styles of making videos, movies and such. After three and a half years, I have learned my niche – which is 2D animation – and also different styles of making videos.

Point 10 of the clip, if I recall, is about the difference in styles you have. How more styles you get, how more diverse you can be. And I agree completely with Zillion. I too, have learned multiple styles over time and I am STILL learning, even when I got my Vocational diploma! Life is a school that gives you lessons left and right, and it’s something you cannot avoid. You are in the midst of it and you’ll never stop learning until you grow old.

People see me as a person that likes to stand still and overthink. They are right at the latter point. And to a certain extent, also to the primary point. But in my case is that, next to the fact that I am a shy person IRL, things change very rapidly in this time of age. I have to be on my toes and see what I can bring to the world where my future clients and I can benefit for a good while of.

I like to be on top of everything, and sometimes, it’s not good. But when I stand still and think, I can do much more than doing stuff without a plan. It’s not good, though other people can cope with that method of working which inspires me at times.

This very video inspired me. Not only his works of art shown, but what he is saying.

It’s amazing.



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