Hello, readers, bots and everyone between,

It’s been quite a while since the last post and it’s rather…unexpected.

It’s been a day after I uploaded “Anxiety Sucks“. I applied for the form, I got a reply the week after. I didn’t expected too much, because – “Anxiety Sucks”. But lo-and-behold, I got myself my first official job.

It starts this Wednesday.

I’m really nervous. I really am.

But not much after I got the good news, I went to London. For the first time.

It was amazing. I went over for the Notting Hill Carnival that happened in those three days I’ve spent in London.

When I arrived over at Heathrow Airport Terminal 4, as the sun was setting, it felt really surreal. “My first time in London, and this is the warm welcome I get.” was my first train of thought as I snapped a picture from the arrival gate I was walking through.

Arrival Gate
The sun rays welcoming me to London.

My aunt was waiting for me (and my mother) over at the Arrivals. It was really something different, Heathrow Terminal 4. And I’m talking about the infrastructure of how airports look like from the inside. Schiphol Airport – my city’s airport – is more structured like a highway, as for Heathrow’s more built as a transfer station, which is – and don’t get me wrong – really convenient.

Though, the atmosphere’s really different from what I’m used to. But of course, it’s a different country.

Regent Bend
Regent Street, W1 (City of Westminster)

It’s so weird for me, seeing cars driving on the left-hand side of the road, and their drivers are on the right-hand side. But for some reason, I got used to it really quickly.

The public transport there is really awesome there too – there are lines that run all day, and almost all of them are double-deckers. Some of them are hybrids, some of them are full electric busses and some of them are just regular diesels.

When I arrived from Heathrow with the infamous Piccadilly Line, I ended up by the even more infamous Oxford Circus Station.

On the surface, it’s a chocolaterie, but the contents of this gem is really amazing.

It’s really amazing, there, and I did take some pictures there. Yet, the square’s really busy and a lot of things were happening. Both my mom and I were tired from the oddly fast flight (45 minutes instead of the predicted 1 hour and 5 minutes) but we were really happy to see street performers giving their all on the square. We also saw an Mr. Bean impressionist when we finally made up to the surface! And not much later, an (presumably) Scottish street artist playing a bagpipe on fire. ON FIRE.

And oh, my god, the eye candy there.

Candy Heaven!

What? You thought that I’m going to talk about men and women in this post?

Maybe. In a separate post. Nah, I’m talking about one of the hidden gems of London – Choccywoccydoodah. On the surface, it’s a chocolaterie, but the contents of this gem is really amazing. That includes prices.

I took two boxes of toffees back home, 16 pieces each box. And they come with various flavors too! By surprise, I took two completely different flavors – one had the contents of stroopwafels, dipped in caramel. The other box contains toffees also, but with a candy that’s one of my favorites: Turkish Delight! And, according to my mother, the chocolate got some kind of booze in it.

A box of deliciousness.
I know that the text says “tap”, but I suggest you to follow them on IG too! They make AMAZING things.

Oh, I almost forgot to talk about the Carnival!

The Notting Hill Carnival‘s a festive get-together of all Latin-American people (and, for some reason, The Netherlands too) to celebrate their heritage. And how do they do that?

By dressing scarcely and covered in various colorful plumage. I’ve seen colors that I really adore – Bordeaux Red, Deep Sea Blue, Teal/Turquoise combination and many more – and oh my god, I felt uncomfortable. The amount of skin makes my mind wander to other places that I rather not think of at daylight. (:T) My mother and her sis – my aunt – were enjoying the music and the fun and freedom they had. I, on the other hand, had other issues: my feet. They were hurting like hell. A couple days before I made the flight to London I got some new soles for my shoes, you know, those sports gel-soles. I had to break them in, but boy did they hurt my feet.

Notting Hill Dancer with the handsome smile.
This dude is SO AWESOME.

So, yeah, this dude of the picture above is so friggin’ awesome, I tell you! The person was heading my direction as I was making an exit from the main event, and he looked really awesome to photograph. I grabbed my camera and made pictures in Burst Shot mode, and this was the last picture of the bunch. It came out SO PERFECTLY TIMED. AH, I love that picture and how well it came out!

And yes, many men were dressed like this…but there are some men that wore something…different. As in, more scarcely, feminine clothing. And sure, most of them belonged to a theme/clothing style of that group…but I cannot shake the feeling that there were…questionable clothing styles there.

Though, as time progressed during the main event, I had in the end fun! And yes, it surprised me also.

[…] there are some women that have a type of ‘stare’ that could tell “One wrong move and I will fuck you up. Period.” […]

She is SO CUTE! ❤

The women over there were having fun…buuuut there are some women that have a type of ‘stare’ that could tell “One wrong move and I will fuck you up. Period.” and that’s quite intimidating, yet I trooped onwards and took several pictures. Out of the abundance of pictures, the one above is the cutest and most relaxed woman ever seen. It looked like she had immensely fun too! The colors compliment it as well, which makes this picture stand more out from the rest.

Oh – the pictures of this were taken from the second day of the Carnival as the first day was ruined by a typical London-esque weather. Yup. Rain.

All-in-all, I had immensely fun within the three days I’ve been to London. I can’t hardly wait to make my return, and this time visit Croydon in the process.

After all, I made a promise to two somebodies.

Thanks for reading~


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