Personal Life

Starting off with September – the month where I ghosted this blog from hence onward.
I was about to enter for a brand new Uni in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands, but for some reason, I didn’t got through the selection. It sucks.
What sucked even more is that I was obligated to do an mandatory “Pause Year” (Dutch: “Tussenjaar”), where the student skips a year to get more grip about the working field.

Knowing that I was tasked to get myself a proper job, it was not easy to find one that ticked all my boxes. It had to make sure that I was able to cover my monthly expanses and then some. That used to be manageable through my college funds that ended last February.
On one side, this garnered time for me to start up my company and be more active on here, which I eventually did, but ended up didn’t doing that fully.

Okay, I lied a bit. I did got all the gear to start my company, but what I needed is to get there, you know? Out in the wild, making revenue out of my work. But the monsters that are “doubt” and “procrastination” took over my body. And sure, I liked it, but as the months come and go, it started to feel like a burden.

I wanted to break free, and it was quite the challenge. But, I’m getting there on my own flow, yet my mother is really that type of “ripping that bandage off in one swoop”, and I’m more of “making sure that the skin doesn’t comes off with”, y’see?

Now it’s January 2019, a new year has started and I’m trying to see if this method of attack will change me in the end. I’m aiming to get back into my University of choice and I really I’m getting admitted by at least one of the four studies I’ve chosen for.
I’m trying to break through the silence on my blog by writing letters to my friends over the globe. (They know who they are. <3)

Over the year I managed to find more music I’d love to listen to! Chillhop Records really came through, as did some mashup artists and GameChops.
I’ll share a tid-bit here and there: I can recommend you Mania by Hyper Potions ft. Skye Rocket. A really banger from the opening sequence of one of the many commercials of the infamous Sonic Mania game.

Summer Fun

During the summer, I had a lot of fun by visiting a couple of friends over that I’ve made the past going year. I finally got the chance to meet up with a fellow furry (and his equally cute partner) from The Hague! I’m intending to go there this year as well, if they’re not that busy of course~
Then not much later, after a really long time in my life, I took to the skies once again with my mother and made a flight to one of my dream locations – London! See this post for how it went there. And for those who did read the post, I’m still reminiscing how much fun I had there in mere three days.

Now I’m planning on a return and probably a stay for a week or so. I hope to meet another couple there. They mean a lot to me and I’m glad we ended up to be friends. What I am also planning is to complete at least 100 pages of my story WolfDragon, that’s at least one thing I can do, starting tomorrow.

Oh boy…

Well, I’m really in for it right now, am I?
The European Parliament are voting tomorrow (Monday, January 21st 2019) for a rule they call: “Article 13”. From what I’ve understood is that this will eventually kill all forms of creativity within the European boarders and inevitably jeopardize my future career of being a director of my own movie company in the future.

I’m really afraid, honestly. I have so many ideas when it comes to making a lot of stuff creatively. Some of them are for this blog, some of them are for my personal life and some of them do involve YouTube. But I have the impression that, if the rule pulls through, I can kiss most ideas goodbye, or at least shelve them until the rule becomes undone…whenever that may be.

I’ve already signed the petition, and it looks like we’re going to lose the fight, but I don’t want to falter to the wills of the elder men that disappoint the public over and over again. And trust me, there’s a lot.
At times I have the emotion of feeling old, but not like those people over there.
From various sides I’ve heard that my country – The Netherlands – will vote against this issue at hand, which makes me a bit more relieved, but I’m not sure about the other states of the EU.

The future for me looks a bit grim, and exactly when I want to be active in my life.

2019’s going to be MY year, damnit.



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