About the blogger:

I am born on November 9th, 1994 and live ever since then in the wonderful city Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Beautiful city. Nice canals, vibrant living, good transport…you should visit my place if you already haven’t… and if you have, please do come again! ūüėä

I attend a Audiovisual education in the city of Utrecht, which isn’t that far of travel from my hometown. As a hobby, I like to write stuff for fun sake. However, I am trying to write me a book so I can show it to the public audience of the world.

Next to writing, I love to play games. Pok√©mon¬†is one of my general plays. Since my early years I’ve been a – self-proclaimed – Nintendo-boy. But I do stuff outdoors too – I like to travel, whenever it is by bike or by public transportation, it shows more of the world I want to explore.

About this blog:

Shaw is a new chapter of a book that I like to call Blogging Myself, which has been ongoing since 2010. This very blog consists out of my personal interests. This being audio, video, food and other things.
Topics that pokes my interest will be written about.

About the mascot:

Dean L. R. Shaw, the mascot of this blog!

Meet Dean, the mascot.

Representing a anthropomorphic European Wolf with a toned physique, this guy has similarities to the blogger himself.