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Day 322: Introductions

Author’s Note: “Ignatius’ Log” is a mini-series including one of my characters I own. While the blog’s main mascot is on a temporary hiatus, it would be nice to let me introduce you to my mascot’s “alter ego”. Feedback on this kind of posts are gladly appreciated. Also, if you have an question for this character, don’t hesitate to comment down below! 🙂

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Monsterous Music

This post is going to be something different – over the past 3 months, I’ve bought some tracks over on Bandcamp – to some, similar to Soundcloud – and made a list of recommendations.

To begin with, both the title and the featured image is from EDM label Monstercat. Thus resulting the list in a “EDM compliation”, though the tracks aren’t typical ‘oontz oontz oontz’, understood? Right, onward to the list!

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My Region, My Game

Pokémon is an very well, very broadly known franchise in the world, whenever you do or don’t have to do something with the franchise.

Though a span of 7 generations and more than 700 of those creatures roaming through the digital world, the community grows with the day, whenever there are veteran or young gamers.

Myself, I joined officially the community back when the company brought LeafGreen and FireRed out in Europe. But over the time I’ve been around the community, I have noticed that the Fan Games are an ongoing trend and a, in a way, poetic “love letter” to the franchise’s main series.

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